5 best kitchen appliances in 2021

5 best kitchen appliances in 2021

March 11, 2021 0 By chamling

Kitchen appliances are very diverse and always improving. They work smart and save time. These are the best to have in 2021.

Electric griddle

The electric griddle is a flat cooking appliance that can be placed anywhere, as long as it has access to an outlet. It’s the best appliance to use from breakfast to dinner. The lack of ridges gets food cooked evenly and it’s easy to clean. It’s perfect for cooking meals for two or for the whole family. You could have eggs and bacon ready at the same time. During winter evenings, you could grill burgers from the comfort of your kitchen. Kids would love it too, everyone’s pancakes could be ready at the same time. It’s an efficient and time-saving appliance.

Coffee maker

A hot and cold coffee maker is the perfect answer for coffee and tea lovers. If your preferences change with seasons or mood, the machine will be ready. You can enjoy hot lattes in the winter and frappucinos in the summer. A built-in frother will bring the coffee to the next level. No matter who you’re entertaining, you can provide teas and various types of coffee fast. The flexibility of different-sized beverages is also great, as there will be no waste. Freshly grounded coffee improves the taste, so a grinder is a great addition.

Air frier

Although the air frier has been around for over a decade, it’s gaining more popularity now. There is an increased interest in healthy food. You can enjoy crispy fries and wings with just a drop or spray of oil. It’s a great alternative to a frying pan or deep fryer. It can cook any type of protein and vegetable. Even from frozen, the food turns out nice and crispy. A large fryer is great for family meals. One with compartments allows cooking at different temperatures at the same time. It can also be used to dehydrate, resulting in healthy snacks like jerky or fruit chips. The electric panel and settings make it easy to use. There are accessories available so you can get creative and make a cake, pizza, or skewers.

Bread machine

While 2020 was the year of homemade bread, not everybody mastered the process. A bread maker will do the kneading for you and you have control over the ingredients. It’s useful if you want gluten-free, dairy-free, or no salt bread. It’s also great not to need preservatives or other additives. And you can place in the ingredients in the evening and wake up to amazing fresh bread in the morning. Also, the bread machine can be used to make desserts, like babkas. There is a lot of control over the process and the outcome, with minimal work.


A combo of blender and food processor is a great addition to any kitchen. Even better if its jars are made of glass, so they don’t keep the smell. There are different accessories for chopping, blending, mixing. The food processor is the best way to chop onions quickly and keep hands smell-free. It can also shred or slice vegetables, make oats into flour, make ice cream out of frozen fruit, grind meat. The processor can even mix and knead the dough.

The blender is perfect for healthy smoothies or even milkshakes. It can also be used for whipped cream, much easier than using a hand mixer. Other uses for a blender include making sauces, dips, vegetable rice, nut butter.

There are a lot of creative ways to use all these appliances. There are always tips and recipes online, but the best way is to experiment and have fun with it. Plus, having them on the counter will make you feel that you’re in a professional kitchen. There is a lot of personal satisfaction in having the ability to cook anything in your own kitchen.