What is a Stapler? Different types of staple Gun in the Market

What is a Stapler? Different types of staple Gun in the Market

March 4, 2021 0 By chamling

A stapler is simply a mechanical device that fastens together sheets of paper. It drives a thin metal staple through the sheets. In most cases, staplers are used in government offices, businesses, homes and schools. The iconic piece of equipment has withstood the test time. It is also worth noting that staplers have solidified a unique place in history. There is no doubt that staplers have come a long way since the first functional stapler was invented in the 1860s. Nowadays, there are numerous types of staplers to choose from. In this article, we will discuss the different types of staplers in the market.

1. Electric Staple Gun

The highly regarded stapler is mostly used in busy offices. It is the perfect type of stapler if you want to generate a lot of paperwork. The simplicity and the speed in this stapler are admirable. Actually, it is the power driven staple head that speed up the stapling process. If you have been searching for a reliable stapler that can be used to staple large stacks of paper then this is the ideal stapler for you. That is the reason it is mostly used in legal firms. Usually, electric staplers come in numerous models that include saddle and hand-held.

2. Desktop Staplers

It is arguably the most classic and popular type of stapler. You should consider purchasing a desktop stapler if you will not be using a stapler often. You should be guaranteed that a desktop stapler will never disappoint if you don’t staple more than 20 pages at once. It is good to know that the design of this stapler varies from one model to the next. The best thing about desktop staplers is that they are affordable and lightweight.

3. Heavy Duty Staplers

You can agree with me that tough jobs require a heavy duty stapler. Over the years, there have emerged multiple types of industrial models that have specifically been designed for multiple papers. Most heavy duty staplers are both in electronic and manual form. You can use a heavy duty stapler to staple more than 100 pages at once. However, they don’t come without a downside. Heavy duty staplers work slowly when compared to other types of staplers on this list.

4. Plier Staplers

There is a huge difference between plier staplers and other types of staplers. Plier staplers have a bottom handle. On the other hand, other types of staplers come with a top lever that is used to fasten items together. In the past, plier staplers have been used in the shipping and packing industries. The main reason why packing industries prefer using plier staplers is that they can easily apply tags to pieces of paper.

Additionally, plier staplers can be used for art and craft projects. This is the right time to choose this stapler if you want to seal cardboard boxes shut. You will be able to staple difficult items together while at the same time getting more leverage.

5. Long Reach Stapler

It is another type of stapler that is worth learning about. The long reach stapler has specifically been manufactured for those hard to reach places. Keep in mind that standard desktop staplers can’t be used in hard to reach areas. That being said, you should use this stapler for binding books and brochures. You will also find the long reach stapler useful in mounting cards. Furthermore, the extended reach design will be crucial in placing staples in the middle of the pages.

6. Specialty Hand Staplers

The highly preferred stapler is designed to be used in offices with unique fastening needs. There are different types of specialty hand staplers to choose from. Mini stapler is considered the perfect stapler for fastening documents. Another type of specialty hand stapler you should consider is the staple less stapler. You should not leave these staplers behind if you want to bind documents that you will need to separate later on.

7. Reduced Effort Stapler

This type of stapler will make stapling more comfortable. Do you want to staple large amounts of paper on a regular basis? This is the ideal stapler in that case. It is also an ideal stapler if your hand has wrist issues. It is said that this stapler lessens the impact on hands by more than 50 percent. Reduced Effort Staplers are found in offices working with high volume documents and registration forms.

8. Grouped Staplers

Unlike other types of staplers, the grouped stapler comes with a cable connection. The cable connection allows it to be linked with other similar staplers. You can use this stapler for stapling booklets. It is possible to link more than three grouped staplers for joint stapling. The stapler will come with grouping kits. This means that you will always have an easy time settling them up.

9. Saddle Staplers

These staplers feature a V shaped anvil. This feature allows documents to be placed for booklet stapling. You can purchase either manual or electric models. An electric saddle stapler allows you to use both hands. Most saddle staplers are designed with a foot pedal.

Uses of Stapler

The stapler is used in binding papers together. Additionally, staplers are used to lock pages of a document together.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the above article, there are numerous types of staplers in the market. It is important to purchase a stapler that meets all your needs.